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Element Scentsy Warmers (Without LightBulbs)

Scentsy’s Element Candle Warmers do not have a light bulb. Instead they use a heating element to melt the wax. Scentsy’s creative team of artisans have been able to create the most innovative & original warmers when not having to worry about a place for the light bulb. These warmers are also perfect for the bedroom. Since they don’t use light bulbs you will able to enjoy pleasant aromas as you drift to sleep without a light.

Around Town Scentsy Warmer

Around Town

Black Zebra Element Scentsy Warmer

Black Zebra

Butterfly Atrium Scentsy Warmer

Butterfly Atrium

Claret Scentsy Warmer


English Breakfast Scentsy Warmer

English Breakfast

Hokey Pokey Scentsy Element Warmer

NEW! Hokey Pokey

Isabella Scentsy Element Warmer

NEW! Isabella

Love Element Scentsy Warmer


Make a Scene Scentsy Warmer

Make a Scene

Nest Scentsy Warmer


Rock Balance Scentsy Element Warmer

NEW! Rock Balance

Zenrock Element Scentsy Warmer