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Scentsy Warmers

Premium Scentsy Warmers

Premium Warmers

Texas A&M Scentsy Gallery Frame Warmer

Campus Gallery

Carrey Element Scentsy Warmer

Element Warmers

Jane Scentsy Plug-In Warmer

Night Lights

From “Rocks to Warmers” this is how Scentsy Warmer Pots are created. Each Scentsy warmer is carefully made by hand. The liquid clay is poured into a mold where it hardens. When the clay is the correct consistency, the Scentsy Warmer Pot is taken out of the mold, where it is placed on a spinning wheel & the edges of the pot are then carefully trimmed with a knife. The shaped Scentsy warmer is then sent to a large kiln. Once the warmer is dried, it is painted or glazed according to which warmer it will ultimately become. Enjoy the following “Rocks to Warmers” video to see how a Scentsy Warmer is made from start to finish.

Premium & Deluxe Scentsy Warmers

Full size scentsy warmers

Full-Size Scentsy Candle Warmers are wonderful accents to a large room. With so many Scentsy warmers it may be hard to decide on just one! Browse through the full-size collections you will find the Silhouette for the sophisticated side of you, the Funhouse Collection because sometimes you want that bold splash of color, and individual warmers such as the new Roselyn for that stylish girlfriend of yours. Causes are dear to the heart of Scentsy President, Heidi Thompson. The new Charitable Cause Scentsy Warmer for the Spring / Summer 2013 catalog is…Forget-Me-Knot. $8 from the sale of each Forget-Me-Knot Warmer will be donated to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

Campus Collection Scentsy Warmers

Campus Collection Gallery Frame Scentsy Warmers

We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do! We’ve Got Spirit, How About You! How do you show your school spirit? I don’t know of a better way than to have one of Scentsy’s Campus Collection Gallery Warmers proudly displayed at home, the office, or the dorm room. Scentsy has Gallery Frame’s to represent 32 schools across the nation. Keep checking back…your school might be next!

Element Scentsy Warmers

Element Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy’s Element Candle Warmers do not have a light bulb. Instead they use a heating element to melt the wax. These warmers are perfect for the bedroom. Since they don’t use light bulbs you will able to enjoy pleasant aromas as you drift to sleep without a light.

Night Light Scentsy Warmers

Believe Scentsy Plug-In Warmer

Scentsy’s Night Light Candle Warmers are perfect to use in small spaces such as the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen where space is tight on those counters. These tiny warmers do not have a separate dish on top, but are one solid unit. They work the same way by placing 1/2 cube to 1 cube in the top for melting. After the wax is removed a new scent can be added.