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Scentsy Light Bulbs

25 watt

25 watt

20 watt

20 Watt

15 watt

15 Watt

How do I know which wattage light bulb I need?

25 watt are for use in Full-Size Warmers.
20 watt are for use in Mid-Size Warmers.
15 watt are for use in Plug-In Warmers.

If you are not sure which category your warmer falls under, check the categories on the side bar to the left. You will be able to see pictures of warmers & plug-ins that may match the one you have. If you are still not sure you can email me the name of your warmer or the description of what your warmer looks like & I will be able to help you know what size you need.

Light bulbs can be purchased in any home improvement store, however many of my customers have problems finding the right wattage or they say the light bulbs don’t screw into the warmer socket properly. If the wrong wattage is purchased, the wax will either not melt or it will become too hot, allowing the fragrance to evaporate faster. If you are having trouble finding the right size or are looking for the convenience, you can purchase them directly from here.

If you received your warmer, plugged it in & the light bulb was burned out or broken, simply contact the consultant you bought the warmer from & they should be able to get you a new light bulb to replace the one that was burned out. This does happen occasionally.

Light Bulb Specials

Contact me directly to hear about my current specials.