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Scentsy’s Sugar Fragrance

Sugar Scentsy Bar


Name: Sugar
Status: Available for Purchase
Current Category: Spring & Summer
Wax Color: White
Label Color: Light Pink
First Introduced: July 2006 Scent of the Month
Discontinued: End of August 2009 & End of August 2010

History: Sugar is a Scentsy top seller. Sugar was first introduced as a Scentsy Fragrance as the July 2006 Scent of the Month. It was placed in the Romance category for five catalogs, then moved to the Spring & Summer category in the Spring/Summer catalog of 2009. It was discontinued for the first time that fall & has since become a seasonal scent, coming back in the spring/summer catalogs & discontinued for the fall/winter catalogs.

What does Scentsy’s Sugar fragrance smell like?

Catolog Description: Fruity blend of lemon drops and cotton candy.
What others think Sugar smells like: “Mmmmm!”, “It smells good”, “It smells like sephora aquolina pink sugar”, “I don’t know what it smell’s like, but it smells good”, “cotton candy”(this person cheated & read the Scentsy description), “the smell when you open the sugar container”. Sugar is a wonderful scent to mix with other Scentsy fragrances. It softens very strong scents & can add a touch of sweetness.
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Sugar is available for purchase in Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Bricks, Room Sprays, & Scent Circles.

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