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Scentsy’s My Dear Watson Fragrance

My Dear Watson Scentsy Bar


Name: My Dear Watson
Status: Available for Purchase
Current Category: Favorites
Wax Color: Aqua Blue
Label Color: A Blue Gray
First Introduced: Fall / Winter catalog of 2010
Discontinued: My Dear Watson has never been discontinued.

History: My Dear Watson is a Scentsy top seller! It was introduced as a new scent in the fall/winter 2010 catalog in the Scentsy Man collection & moved to the Favorites collection the very next catalog.

What does Scentsy’s My Dear Watson fragrance smell like?

Catolog Description: Refreshing bergamont contrasted with mint, cedar, and suede. Sophisticated & smart.
What others think My Dear Watson smells like: “A wonderful man”, “My old boyfriend”, men’s cologne. When you close your eyes & concentrate you can smell different hints of the mixture such as the mint & cedar but altogether it smells like men’s cologne.
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My Dear Watson is available for purchase in Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Bricks, Room Sprays, & Scent Circles

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