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Scentsy’s Cashmere Fragrance

Cashmere Scentsy Bar


Name: Cashmere
Status: Discontinued
Category: Romance
Wax Color: Orange
Label Color: Light Orange
First Introduced: Fall/Winter 2007
Discontinued: End of Aug 2009
BBMB: July 2010, July 2011

History: Cashmere is a wonderful romantic scent. It was first introduced in the 2007 Fall/Winter catalog & remained in the Romance Category since its introduction as a Scentsy fragrance. Cashmere was discontinued at the end of August 2009. It made a comeback in the Bring Back My Bar Campaign in July 2010 & has been voted back yet again for the Bring Back My Bar Campaign in July 2011.

What does Scentsy’s Cashmere fragrance smell like?

Catolog Description: Sheer floral bouquet combines Morrocan jasmine, lily of the valley, & bergamot.
What others think Cashmere smells like: Women say “Soft & Delicate”. Men say “Soap”. I have to agree with both, if I had to pick a soap that it most resembles it would have to be Caress, but it isn’t an exact match. Cashmere is one of my favorites scents! It is perfect to warm in the master bath or master bedroom.
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Buy Scentsy’s Cashmere online

Cashmere is not currently available for purchase but will be in July 2011 in the Bring Back My Bar Campaign. If you need it now simply contact me to see if I have it in stock.

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