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January 2011 Warmer of the Month

Margot Scentsy Warmer

January Warmer of the Month | Margot

The Classic and elegant Margot, a name that means “pearl”, is fittingly adorned. Shimmering metallic reactive-glaze finish appears in antique silver with exquisitely embossed details creating a feeling of romance. Feminine swirls and curls, accented by glowing ivory faux pearls, beautifully wrap Margot like a string of pearls delicately adorning an evening gown. Express your love this February with a warmer that will bring romance to your décor all year long.

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My Wish Scentsy Bar

January Scent of the Month | My Wish

My Wish is a romantic fragrance perfect for Valentine’s Day, with warm, sweet edible notes to entice and delight. A confection of earthy fig, sweet violet, and playful marshmallow will have you wishing for more. Enjoy this month’s fragrance at a 10% discount!

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