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I Adore Scentsy Buddies!

Scentsy Buddy Collection
I have never been a fan of stuffed animals. But these cute little Scentsy Buddies, I have to say, I really like. These are one of the newest products from Scentsy. I was at the Scentsy convention in Denver, when the staff passed them out into the crowd and we Scentsy Ladies went a little crazy! I had to admit that I thought Scentsy was on to something.

The Scentsy Buddies sold like hot cakes at an ice skating championship where I had a booth. For those of you that are novice to the ice skating world, fans throw things like stuffed animals onto the ice after a skater finishes their routine. Since Scentsy Buddies are still fairly new we didn’t know what to expect, but they were a big hit with the skaters! Our Scentsy Buddies were landing on the ice left & right. Of course all of us at the booth were loving it up.

I wasn’t completely sold though until they made their way into my children’s hearts. I have four children, 2 boys & 2 girls. My oldest is a 9 year old boy & youngest an 18 month old girl. They each wanted one. Scentsy Buddies for Christmas! I thought this was an easy request & a great way to try out the product I sell. Christmas morning was great! They each played with their Scentsy Buddy & the box it came in, poking out the “breathing” holes &the place for the head to poke out.

Mollie the Monkey Scentsy Buddy
My 9 year old son got Mollie the Monkey & quickly renamed him, “Tedo the karate kicking Monkey”. Of course he has to save face even though he sleeps with “Tedo” every night!  My son’s absolutely favorite scent is Clean Breeze. That was not an option for a scent pak in December so Pima Cotton was the pick. Loved it! It is the perfect clean smell. He has asthma & has had absolutely no problems with his Scentsy Buddy. His asthma has not flared up at all since last fall. Even though he might not admit it to his friends, he loves Scentsy Buddies!

Ollie the Elephant Scentsy Buddy
My 7 year old daughter got Ollie the Elephant & quickly renamed her, “Alyssa”. My daughter loves Sugar Cookie.  It is her all time favorite smell. Vanilla Cream was the “vanillee” type smell available in the scent pak & I have to say that it smells Really good in a stuffed animal. Who would have thought?  It doesn’t make me hungry either. My daughter left “Alyssa” on the vent one day before she left for school. Later in the day, I walked past her room & thought her warmer was on. I went in to turn it off & realized it wasn’t on. I couldn’t figure out what was making her entire room smell like Scentsy until I realized “Alyssa” was on the floor partially on the vent. The central heat was blowing Vanilla Cream through her room. Yum! So, I get this question a lot. Do Scentsy Buddies make the entire room smell good? Here is the answer. Scentsy Buddies will make a corner of the room smell lovely, unless they are sitting on a vent & then yes! a Scentsy Buddy will make the entire room smell sooo heavenly!

Roarbert the Lion Scentsy Buddy
My 5 year old son got Roarbert the Lion & he LOVES Roarbert, so Roarbert got to keep his name!  This son doesn’t have a favorite smell, he loves them all!  He does however have night terrors at night so I thought French Lavender might be soothing and help him sleep better.  Wow!  French Lavender scent paks are STRONG!  There is no way I would have been able to snuggle up to Roarbert with that new French Lavender scent pak, but my son loved it!  Now, it is MUCH better.  I would suggest poking holes in the package & placing it in the Scentsy Buddy before taking the scent pak out of the package.  I think the French Lavender also helps him sleep. He still wakes up, but not nearly as much as before.  Thank you Scentsy!

Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy
Last but not least, my 18 month old daughter got Lenny the Lamb “affectionately named Lamby”. Lamby has Newborn Nursery & now my little one smells like this in the mornings after snuggling Lamby through the night. Oohhh, I love this, she smells so newbornish, because Newborn Nursery smells like the fresh baby powder scent. She loves her lamby, & plays with him during the mornings, snuggles him during naps, & at night.

We have never experienced stuffed animals like this. The scent paks are still smelling great after a month and a half! Scentsy Buddies are the way to go! Not to mention that you can register your Buddy at, play online games, print an adoption certificate & print out coloring sheets which are very cute. My kids love these too. So the consensus…Yes, I am a huge fan! I LOVE our Scentsy Buddies! They are worth every penny, the copper kind though, not Penny the Pig (another Scentsy Buddy).

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