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Scentsy Parties

Just as there are so many different warmers & scents to match your taste, there is more than one type of party to match your style.  From the home party to the party on the go, you are sure to find a style right for you. And of course by being a Scentsy hostess you are able to earn “scent”sational hostess rewards.

Scentsy Parties At Home

Hosting a Scentsy Party

Scentsy Parties at home are just what the name implies. They are hosted in your home or the home of someone you know such as your mom, sister, or friend. The party itself can be one where everyone arrives & leaves about the same time or more open house style, where people come and go. I arrive about 30 minutes before the party starts, setup an easy product display, & help with any last minute arrangements.

Scentsy also has a web-based Party Assistant tool that makes it easy to send invitations and track RSVPs. I will email the party assistant when a party is booked. The steps are extremely easy to follow & even help plan goals to help you achieve the Hostess Rewards you have on your wishlist. I will also provide the invitations, catalogs, and party planning tips.

The party is left open for about 5 days for outside orders to be collected. Just because someone was not able to make it to the party does not mean they have to miss out on an opportunity to order & enjoy Scentsy. Once the party is closed, I will assist in putting all the orders together to help you get the most Hostess Rewards.

Scentsy Parties On The Go

Scentsy parties on the go can also be called Basket Scentsy Parties or Catalog Scentsy Parties. This is because all you need, fits into one small basket & people shop from the catalog & small testers. An “On the Go” party is perfect for the office, your children’s sports games, or when visiting friends and family. I will provide you with a basket full of Scentsy product samples and scent testers. Usually I have my baskets checked out for about one week to 10 days, but you can keep it for up to 2 weeks if needed. You can share it with as many people or places as you would like.

I will also make sure you have plenty of order forms, catalogs, and a booklet to answer any questions you may encounter. And of course, while you are sharing scents & bringing back memories you will be earning plenty of “Scent”sational Hostess Rewards.

Scentsy Parties Online

If the previous two Scentsy Parties don’t match your style, there is also the online party option for the fast paced internet goers. The online party is simply that, online. A hostess simply sends out an invitation by email & friends & family get to shop online.

Online parties are the perfect answer for those hosts/hostesses that have friends and family that live far away.  Doing a fundraiser?  Scentsy Parties that are online can pull more people from around the country to support the specific cause.

Scentsy Hostess Rewards

How much do people usually sell at a party? It depends on the season of the year & how many people a hostess actually invites, but a typical party averages around $400. With this amount at a party, a hostess will receive 3 half-price items & $60 in FREE product.

Guest Sales $150-$249 $250-$399 $400-$999 $1,000 +
Free Product 10% 10% 15% 15%
Half-Price Items One Two Three Four

I would love to answer any further questions about hosting Scentsy Parties. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any additional questions.

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