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Scentsy Generosity Week

Heidi Thompson
Scentsy’s President, Heidi Thompson began Scentsy Generosity Week back in August of 2010.  For one week she asked Scentsy consultants to perform as many acts of kindness and generosity as possible.   These included simple acts, done willingly, that would bring a smile.  Heidi stated, “It is so rewarding—and so easy—to practice kindness. I believe we can change the world, one person and one act at a time, by simply being generous with our time, our talent, and our kindness”.

Scentsy even provided some day by day idea lists which I would like to pass along to you!

“Make Someone’s Day Monday” – Spread kindness toward people you have never met before—and may never see again—on “Make Their Day Monday.” Here are some simple things you can do to touch the heart of anyone you come in contact with today.
· Say “hello”and hold the door open for someone you’ve never met.
· Smile at five people you’ve never met before.
· Pay a toll for the person behind you in traffic.
· Buy a drink for the person behind you in line at your favorite coffee shop.
· Give your seat on a bus or train to someone else.
· Give a fast-food gift card to (or make sack lunches for) a homeless person, or drop food donations off at your local food pantry.
· Give another driver your parking spot (and return an extra shopping cart to its proper place at the grocery store or shopping mall).
· Take a basket of fruit or homemade treats to your local nursing home, hospital or local firefighters.

“Take Them a Treat” Tuesday – Show your appreciation for your customers on “Take Them a Treat Tuesday.” You don’t have to spend a lot of time, or a lot of money—just find a way to show your Scentsy customers how much they mean to you.
· Call your favorite Scentsy customer and invite her or him out to lunch—try a picnic in the local park, or let them pick their favorite restaurant.
· If your favorite customer lives far away, send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant in their home town.
· Place a single cookie in a simple bag and deliver one to each of your local customers. Have your children accompany you and ring the doorbell!
· Send your favorite customer and their spouse out to eat—without you!
· Have lots of favorite customers? Invite them all to your house for an appreciation luncheon this week or in the future.

“Willing To Sacrifice” Wednesday – Devote a few moments today to your Scentsy “family” by being kind and generous to other Consultants. Whether they are on your team or not, reach out and show your Scentsy Spirit! Sacrifice usually entails giving something up. So, in addition to being kind to your Scentsy “family” today, consider giving up your pack of cigarettes or coffee shop latte, and donating your daily spending to your favorite charity.
*Donate today’s Scentsy commissions to your favorite charity. Have your children participate by donating toys or gently used clothing to your local shelter.
*Post your thoughts and reflections on kindness and generosity on the Scentsy Generosity thread on MyScentsy Forum.
*Call a teammate you don’t know very well to say “hello.”
*Reach out to someone who may be struggling in their business, or to a new Consultant who has questions and needs help.
*Help your children set up a lemonade stand; donate the earnings to a local charity.

“Say Thank You” Thursday – Say a simple “thank you” today to people who have touched your life.
*Write a nice note on the back of your restaurant bill for your waitperson.
*Call your best host or customer to say thanks for their support in your Scentsy business, or write a note and mail it with a Scent Circle to show your appreciation.
*Invite a friend to go on a walk and tell them how their friendship has changed your life.
*Email a coworker who has helped you in your career and tell them what their support has meant to you.
*Post a short gratitude list on your Facebook wall, or post something nice on someone else’s wall.
*Send a kind note or email to another Consultant you don’t know well.
*Have a family thank you note evening! Make homemade thank you cards with your children, and send them to those you care about “just because.”
*Send thank you notes to members of the military stationed overseas. Have your children color pictures and send them, too.
*Cut out ten hearts and leave them on ten cars in your neighborhood.

“Fondness for Family” Friday – Where would we be without our families? Take time today to be with those you love the most. Eliminate distractions, and really focus on your family today.
*Give your family a heart attack! Cut out hearts, write love notes on them, and leave them for family members.
*Turn off the television and read a book together, or play your favorite board game.
*Encourage your children to do a small chore without being asked today.
*Go to the park and have a picnic together. Turn off your cell phones and enjoy an evening together without distraction.
*Take the phone off the hook, crank up the iPod and dance in the living room.
*Eat takeout food on your best china by candlelight.
*Let your children help you cook—without worrying about the mess.
Text your spouse just to say “I love you.”

These small acts of generosity & kindness can be done anytime, not just during Scentsy Generosity Week.  Take the Scentsy Generosity challenge & help make people smile, from total strangers to your family.  Make it fun, and show your generous “Scentsy Spirit!”