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Scentsy Contribute

Scentsy Contribute
When owners Orville and Heidi Thompson launched Scentsy in 2004, they based their business philosophy on an Albert Einstein quote that inspired Orville as a young man –

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather, become a man of value. A successful man takes out of life more than he puts in. A man of value will give more than he receives.”

Scentsy’s business philosophy of “contribute more than you take” is woven throughout the fabric of the party-plan company. It was this philosophy that also drove the idea about how to celebrate the company’s 5th Anniversary in July 2009.
Scentsy started as a family-owned business & has become a leader in the the party plan industry. To celebrate Scentsy designed a fun event to contribute to the local community, more specifically small businessess. Orville and Heidi Thompson gave employees and their families $100,000 to spend at 40 family-owned businesses nominated by employees. Each business enjoyed a $2500 increase in sales revenue that day. Employees got to keep the goods and services they bought with their $50 bills. Scentsy Contribute 2009 was born.

The results were inspiring and fulfilling. Scentsy employees spent more than $10,000 of their own money to help local businesses. Skepticism from small business owners turned to gratitude when they saw there were no strings attached to this organized spend. Some owners were in tears. Others commented they didn’t think they would have survived the summer without it. One owners’ comment summed it up best.

“Because of your generosity with your employees, not only did we have one of our most successful days, there was a great sense of community. I truly think what comes around goes around and I’m sure that you’ll see continued success in your business, and we can only hope that we can turn around and carry forward the same way to show appreciation to our community and customers.” – Boise Business Owner

“We started in extremely humble circumstances and it was lonely and dark many times,” Orville recalls. “But as we’ve emerged from that, the burden that gets lifted. It’s nice to feel light. We hope Scentsy can be a light for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.” Adds Heidi, “That’s what we want to spread.”

After the success Scentsy had in the Boise community, Scentsy decided to take this idea beyond one company in one community. They asked Scentsy consultants & anyone else interested in joining to provide big help for small business. Scentsy continued the tradition in 2010 as part of their “Six-Pack Give Back”.