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Scentsy Promotions


Warmer of the Month

Warmer of the Month


Scentsy Bring Back My Bar

Bring Back My Bar

How to Save Money When Ordering

By combining products you will be able to save money. For example, you will save $5 with a Scentsy Bar 6-Pack ($25) which is 6 Scentsy bars versus buying them individually which adds up to $30. Visit the Combine & Save page to see the different packages Scentsy has available.  You can also save money by utilizing the different Scentsy Promotions offered throughout the year.

June Scentsy Promotions

Bring Back My Bar is Available for the Month of June as well as the Summer Promotion.
Scentsy also has the Warmer & Scent of the Month for June.

Warmer & Scent of the Month Scentsy Promotion

The Warmer & Scent of the Month Scentsy Promotion is offered every month at a 10% discount.  If you like to decorate for the seasons & holidays then this promotion is for you.  These warmers & scents come out a month before the scheduled holiday.  For example a warmer & scent designed for mother’s in mind will most likely be the warmer & scent of the month for April, giving ample time for customers to view & purchase the products in time for Mother’s Day in May.

Close Out Items

Close Out Items are offered at a 20% discount. Close out items come from warmers & plug-ins that are discontinued from previous catalogs. These warmers are listed for $24 instead of $30, and plug-ins are listed at $16 instead of $20.

The New Catalog Scentsy Promotion

Scentsy comes out with a new catalog every six months which is great because you save 10% in this awesome Scentsy Promotion! During the month of February most products are offered at this discount to make room for new products in the upcoming catalog for March.  This promotion also happens in August to make room for the new products in the September catalog.

Other Scentsy Promotions

Several other Scentsy Promotions run throughout the year. Some examples are as follows…During November 2012 Scentsy had Foam Frenzy, which was buy one get one free fragrance foam. Also During December 2012, right before Christmas Scentsy was awesome and gave everyone a Scentsy Buddy BOGO. Be sure to check often to find out what current Scentsy promotions are happening.

You may also Contact Me to hear about my own Independent Scentsy Consultant promotions that may be different than those listed here.